These photos were taken at an Exhibition in Sydney displaying authentic photos of spirit photography taken during the early part of the 19th century where Sir Arthur Conan Doyle reportedly had spirits show up in photographs.

On viewing this exhibition I could hear Sir Arthur Conan Doyle tell me that if I returned with a camera he promised that something unusual would happen in my photos.

Due to the fact that I do psychometry (which means reading the energy of an object if in close vicinity of it or even holding it causes psychic impressions to be received mentally), the challenge was too much of an offer to refuse. So I returned with a digital camera (a brand new Sony Cyber-shot 2.1 mega pixels camera, with an 8mb memory card which was also unused).

I managed to take 3 pictures with a 4th shot recording on the memory stick of it's own accord.

A flash was not used intentionally and the first 2 photos were darkened images of what was on the wall. The next two shots came up as a black background and then golden smoke like lines of unusual shapes.

I definitely have no explaination of this. I had a witness while I took these photos and she vows that what came out on the camera was nothing at all similar to what was on view at the exhibition. My only conclusion is that something paranormal took place at this time!

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