Here are some of the 12 rainbow orb photos I took the other day at Woronora Cemetery Sutherland.This is the third time now that I have got this type of result on film at Woronora Cemetery. It only happens close to the same spot in the cemetery. I have other photos where I have my back to the sun while I have taken and shot and I have rainbow type sprays appearing in about 3 different shots.

I went back today near the krypt while it was raining and all I got were some white patches above the krypt. There was definitely no sun in sight as it was raining cats and dogs, so I don't know what the white things are that appear. I have shown Robb Tilley (paranormal researcher) the shots and he has also checked my camera, he said they are rather unusual, but can't explain them. The next thing is to go to Kodak for their opinion.

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