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25th August, 2002 - presented on Channel 7 SUNDAY SUNRISE

Interview with Mark Warren

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Mark Warren: Ghost Hunter

Our intrepid reporter bares his soul and hits the spirit trail in search of those most nebulous of entities - the spectral remains of the dead.

Where's the Ghosts - Mark Warren looks for spookiesMark Warren: Hello, Mark Warren here with a Sunday Sunrise special investigation into the spookiest place in the universe. No, not Bert Newton's wardrobe, something even more haunted - the fair city of Sydney.

To take us on this ghost hunt, a trip in the haunted hearse. Be prepared to be scared.


Allan Levinson is the man behind the wheel of the big black Cadillac hearse called Elvira, and he runs his Destiny Tours to all of Sydney's historic haunts, including the old Darlinghurst jail.

Allan Levinson: There was over 70 people executed here altogether, originally outside Forbes Street gate where we are now. Thousands of people, women and children would come and watch it like a big spectacle.

Mark Warren: Big spectator sport.

And apparently with this gruesome past there are bound to be some ghosts of those poor executed souls are still around and making their presence felt to those on the tour.

What do people experience when they come here?

Allan Levinson: At this particular spot a lot of people experience trouble breathing, pressure on chest, they have trouble swallowing, pain around the temples or headaches.

Mark Warren: Shortness of breath, tightness of the chest, that's how I normally feel. How are you feeling?

Allan Levinson: I'm okay, I'm not a sensitive person that way.

Mark Warren: You're not a sensitive new age ghost hunter - or SNAGHUH?

Fortunately we do have a sensitive new age ghost hunter with us today, spirit medium and paranormal photographer, the delightful Debbie Malone.

We're going past the gates of the jail where the executions took place, are you feeling anything now?

Debbie Malone, Spirit Medium: The temperature's dropping mainly down low round the feet area.

Debbie Malone Mark Warren: Why's that?

Debbie Malone: I don't know, it always seems to drop round here, down low not up high.

Mark Warren: I think it's the faulty Cadillac air conditioning.

Elvira the Hearse & Allan Levinson - DESTINY TOURSThe temperature changes in Elvira the hearse aren't a manufacturing fault. They are, according to Debbie, evidence of paranormal activity both inside and outside the car.

You see, Elvira herself is full of lost souls, excluding Debbie and me of course.

Do you think the hearse is haunted?

Debbie Malone: Oh, definitely. I think the hearse is haunted, and I think when it comes to ghosts, it's to do with electrical energy, so they can drain things. It's more electrical things they affect.

Mark Warren: That's why the mike isn't working too well! Wonderful hearse, you get four hauntings to the gallon.

Enough frivolity, time for some serious ghost hunting.