25th August, 2002 - presented on Channel 7 SUNDAY SUNRISE

Interview with Mark Warren

Transcript reprinted from Channel 7 website located at http://sundaysunrise.com.au/story.php?story=192

Mark Warren: Ghost Hunter


Rozelle - Callan Park Asylum

We say goodbye to Alan and Elvira and head to a very spooky place indeed - Callan Park Hospital at Rozelle, an old fashioned mental asylum. It's now the Sydney College of the Arts, so there's a bit irony there.

Anyway, Debbie's here to photograph some ghosts, and this place, ward 10, the women's ward is a spirit hot spot.

Women's Ward Callan Park Rozelle

Mark Warren: Lots of old health department files on the floor. That's scary enough. Let's go in.

Debbie Malone: Round here first time I came here, I saw someone lying in the bath, it looked more like a male, naked. His wrists were slashed.

Mark Warren: Really? You saw that?

Debbie Malone: I saw it when I first came in here, physically. It was really frightening.

Mark Warren: That's part of Debbie's ability, she can see and hear dead people. Now she's trying to gather photographic evidence of their existence.

Orbs at Callan Park And as we walk around, her camera does pick up something.. A little orb of light travels from right to left.. .there's another one in the background on the left. One more appears as a fuzzy ball of light near the floor. That's a reflection at the top of the screen.

Outside in the old ward Debbie uses her digital sll camera to capture more orbs.

Debbie Malone (looking at digital photos): That's full of them.

Mark Warren: Little dots are they? What do they represent?

Debbie Malone: Each one of those is in theory a spirit.

Mark Warren: You know they most distressing part of that photo is? I'm carrying a handbag, and it doesn't match my shoes! When you take these photographs, what are you actually trying to capture?

Debbie Malone: Spirits on film.

Mark Warren: Sounds like a great album, 'Spirits on Film'. Wasn't that a hit in the eighties?

We can't see the orbs with the naked eye and they don't appear to be dust or insects. Keeping us company today is the site manager for this Arts College cum ghost resort, Christine.

Christine Myercough & Mark WarrenChristine Myercough, Sydney College of the Arts: I had a very strange experience on the floor above. It was only once, I didn't actually see anything on the day just felt really uncomfortable, constricted a little bit more like being out of breath and felt quite strange - something not quite right. For a week I dreamed I saw a very old man, very malnourished in flannelette pyjamas - just the bottoms - trying to look out the window that's boarded up.