25th August, 2002 - presented on Channel 7 SUNDAY SUNRISE

Interview with Mark Warren

Transcript reprinted from Channel 7 website located at http://sundaysunrise.com.au/story.php?story=192

Mark Warren: Ghost Hunter


Mark Warren: The third floor is in almost total darkness. It's here that Debbie has visualised ghostly groups of women cowering from the cruel apparition of the male supervisor, nicknamed 'Cattle prod'. Suddenly she picks up on some energy coming from the toilets...

Debbie Malone: Did you see that?

Mark Warren: What was that?

Debbie Malone: A ball just shot straight up. Did you see a flash? It flashed straight up. I just got it.

Mark Warren: It appears on Debbie's camera as a faint orb of light rising straight up towards the ceiling. You can see it in the centre of frame.

Mark Warren: What do you think that is?

Debbie Malone: A moving orb. They can change colours, I've had them in rainbow colours, red balls, blue glaze. No dust could fly up like that.

Mark Warren & Camera man Mark Warren: I can hear something.

Debbie Malone: It sounds like a dog.

Mark Warren: Back out in the main area, our camera picks up something as well. It shows up at the top centre of the picture - once again there seem to be no reflections, dust or insects... Another one comes up from floor near Christine's foot and flies to the ceiling... At the same time Christine has had another paranormal encounter.

Christine Myercough: I just felt I heard it was women crying. It wasn't quite clear.

Mark Warren: How much do you think it's like auto-suggestion, our minds playing tricks on us?

Christine Myercough: I think it's the building, you know. You get a sense there is a history here, it does play on your mind. This is the room I have really bad feelings about, there's the window I don't like.

Mark Warren: I think we ought to depart the scene.

Mark Warren: On the way down the stairs Debbie picks up more orbs. This is the haunt of the ghost of the evil male supervisor 'Cattle prod'.

Something flies across the screen from right to left. Another orb materialises near bottom of frame. Under the hand rail on the right there's something else.

Debbie's had the ability to hear spirit guides and feel and see ghosts since a near death experience 11 years ago. So what does this suburban mother of three, who's married to a builder, make of all of this?

Debbie Malone: I think a lot of ordinary people have this gift. The more people have the courage to talk about it, the better it would be. Because a lot of people come up and tell me about their experiences, but they wouldn't share it with anyone else, because people would think they were crazy. I think it's just a matter that we've tuned in our senses a little more.

Dungeons at Callan Park Rozelle

Mark Warren: There's one more haunt to visit - the catacombs, or dungeons, where patients were basically left to rot underground. This place has all the appeal of Logies night.

This is really a depressing, awful place isn't it?

Debbie Malone: Very heavy energy down here.

Mark Warren: As we walk around, Debbie takes more photos. This one shows up a whole cluster of orb that seems to follow us. There's even a chance the lost souls might hitch a ride out of here.

Debbie Malone: One particular lady had the smell of urine and vomit in her house for a week.

Dungeons in Rozelle

Mark Warren: It wasn't her husband?

Debbie Malone: No!

Mark Warren: So, there you have it. Make of it what you will. Is this evidence of ghosts or is it just dust, or the light playing tricks?

Any way you look at it, 'there are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.'

You know the nicest thing about you, Debbie? Your laugh. You're a happy medium.

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